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 Astrologer ~ Esoteric Teacher ~ Podcaster

My mission is to support women to embody their power and reconnect with themselves through Astrology in order to manifest the life of their dreams.

Every person on this planet, in my opinion, is a divine miracle. The chances of you having your specific birth chart are less than one in ten billion – your unique brand of magic is desperately needed in this world. That is why it is my mission to energize and inspire people when it comes to their gifts, purpose, and unique glow through the language of astrology and positive psychology.

Get started & align with the frequency of abundance so you can create the life you deserve. This is one of my personal favorites, combining the power of healing crystals and essential oils with visualization and meditation.


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You know that you have a deeper purpose, that your unique voice is needed, and that when you are in a position of self-acceptance and focus on action over perfection, you will grow toward the best version of yourself.

My online containers are here to guide you as you embrace your self-awareness, and inner wisdom and step into your deepest power.

what clients are saying

I had a Natal Chart + Tarot Session with Sylvana and it was wonderful. She has beautiful energy and makes you feel very much at ease. The reading of my chart was so clear, informative, and fulfilling. Many things resonated with me and made me feel more at peace with myself. It gave me clarity on the concerns I had coming into the session. Overall it gave me a greater understanding of different aspects of myself which I am very happy to have been able to delve deeper into and visualize in my chart.
Kelley, Ireland
Thank you so much for doing this reading for me, it has taught me a lot about why I am the way I am and has also given me more confidence in the future as I now know that there are forces in the universe guiding me towards my goals. You are so well-spoken and clear in your explanations, it was easy to understand exactly what you meant throughout the entire reading – your vocabulary is particularly well-chosen and always positive even when you’re talking about weaknesses and less admirable characteristics one might have. I appreciate the insight you’ve given me more than I can express and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with me – as I said before it felt like a massage for my soul and has already calmed a lot of my internal turmoils.
Marie, France
Following my first astrology reading with Sylvana, I discovered that astrology and my natal chart in particular have brought me a lot of clarity about who I am, my feelings, and what my life direction involves. I understood that astrology can allow me to understand myself and most importantly how I can grow and evolve. Thank you so much Sylvana for your kindness and for providing this support through your passion and professionalism. Looking forward to my next session!
Delphine, Switzerland

Private Mentoring


I serve my clients by helping them establish a system and learn to trust themselves. I will guide you towards going deeper and deeper into yourself and your work. It’s an honor for me to hold a container enabling your dreams to come to life and expand, allowing you to make significant and rapid changes in your life and business. 

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