Sylvana Beslic



Born and raised in Paris, France, |I have lived in Ireland for over 6 years. I started off as the founder and owner of Jewels & Gems, a healing crystals and gemstone jewelry brand and have developed over the years an extensive knowledge about crystal healing, astrology and holistic wellness. I’ve helped thousands of women find inner-peace, self-love and inner-power through my business and now I want to support women to go even further: embody an empowered life and start their own conscious business.

My mission is to teach and share my knowledge of spirituality and the esoteric arts such as astrology or tarot in a pragmatic way.  I aim at bringing more compassion, kindness, empowerment & joy in the world through the use of spiritual and practical tools.

Through my journey, I’ve created the person that I truly wanted to be.

It all started the moment I decided to believe in myself. What I’ve achieved is a very high sense of well-being, independence, strong mindset, with an unlimited resource to call on, which is myself. I believe that every woman has the right and the ability to be who she wants to be.

On my journey, I’ve learned the tools and the required mindset to achieve this. To share my knowledge with you, to help you achieve your goals and ambitions, and join you on this journey would be my deepest honor and my true calling.

My mission

Get started & align with the frequency of abundance so you can create the life you deserve. This is one of my personal favorites, combining the power of healing crystals and essential oils with visualization and meditation.


My Story

I was born and raised in Paris, France.


My story began when I just had finished my Masters degree in College and everybody around me was pointing me in the direction of the corporate world.


I decided after a lot of soul searching that this was not going to be my faith, I felt deep inside that I was destined for more.


Sometimes in life, you can be presented with an easy path and a difficult one. The easy path would be the obvious choice, but I chose at that time to believe in myself and my own resilience, to go on a search of independence with a dream of being my own boss and force my own path, create my own success, on my own terms


A huge desire of mine was to live in a different country, an English speaking country to be more specific, as this would open so many doors and possibilities for me: Ireland was my country of choice, as I have read about many places, it’s Ireland that stood out to me, like an inner calling I had to follow. So I booked a one way ticket, and I went all by myself, much to a lot of people’s shock at the time.

A passion of mine since I was a very young child, was all things related to gemstones, rocks, and crystals. Their significance, natural beauty, uniqueness, and history, really resonated with me. These treasures can be found at every corner of the planet, in my eyes, they are one of the most stunning creations of Mother Earth.

In the beginning, I started to sell a grand selection of 20 pieces, with an average cost of 25€ per piece. With a huge amount of drive, joy, and tears, but also trials and tribulations, in four years I had created a high street shop housing 64 glass cabinets, each of them being two meters high, holding a vast array of beautiful gemstones from all over the world, and amassed a very loyal clientele, and dedicated community. To complement this, I built an online shop with one of the largest selections of crystals and gemstones you’ll find anywhere and 100.000 incredible customers. As I got to support my customers through energy healing, Over the years I developed a passion for other powerful tools such as Tarot and Astrology. I have gained extensive knowledge through a lot of work and mentorship with various teachers and experts.

Throughout my journey, I’ve had so many different obstacles and tough challenges that have been put in front of me. Through learning to reach inside of myself, to my own well of belief in my abilities and potential, but also thanks to a vast knowledge built up over the years, I’ve learned to overcome each and every obstacle. I’ve learned firsthand how to create a powerful mindset, a healthy balance between my mind, body, and soul, as well as the ability to recharge myself daily.

It would be my absolute honor to support you, and to give you the tools to be the best that you can be. We live in a world of endless opportunities, I believe we all have the power to fulfill our desires and dreams, we just need the right tools, practices, and guidance to unlock our true potential.

Guiding and supporting you in a practical way on this journey through astrology, is my true passion and calling.

I’m so excited for you to be here!

Just you being here reading about my story fills me with so much joy and gratitude.

I would love for us to connect further if you are feeling called.

Sylvana xx