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I have been there too...

You’ve got a big vision and I am here to guide you into making it a reality. Many of us believe that we can do it all alone, but the reality is, it can come at a big price. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I took the solo route. And to be perfectly honest, it was not fun!


I have spent over 5 years working crazy amounts of hours, spending colossal amounts of money in different areas hoping this would help the business, experiencing challenging times where my emotions have been tested and following my own guidance as I had no one to talk to that would have gone through this same path. In other words, a very slow, painful, lonely and long road….


You can definitely take that route, but there will be a lot of trial and error that you can avoid by following the guidance of someone who’s already gone through that same journey you’re on, and shows you how to say goodbye to the times when you feel stuck, confused or lonely!

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I am here to serve and guide you!

By taking this leap, you will become a clear channel in total flow and ease. You will become ready to receive, show up and take aligned action towards your Soul purpose.


Whether you are or aspire to become a conscious entrepreneur, healer or lightworker intending to take your business to the next level or finally live the life of your dreams requires both holistic inner work and pragmatic strategy.


In my work as a spiritual business coach and mentor, I am deeply convinced that change, success and abundance come from both. By working with me, from within, we will make the external magic come to all areas of your life: business, relationships to self, love, the Universe…

How I coach

I take a compassionate, holistic and intuitive approach to coaching you through any situation in your life. I incorporate meditation practices, astrology, tarot, yoga, women’s empowerment, somatic movement, health and wellness into the mix to help create ease, flow and allow the answers that are within you to guide you on your journey. Some of my areas of focus are:







I help my clients with

★ Cultivating self-love, confidence, self-awareness, and inner-power

★ Harmonising your masculine and feminine energies to live more confidently and move through blocks

★ Deepening your relationship to yourself, your intuition and your spiritual self

★ Getting into alignment with your unique gifts and inner calling and take action

★ Transcending the inner critic and scarcity circuits that enable people pleasing and procrastination, healing roots of feeling “not good enough”

★ Healing Money Mindset and Manifestation Process

★ Starting or evolving your conscious business

★ Stepping into the healthiest, most vibrant, and energetic version of you

★ Generate time and space for rest, creativity, and self-expression

★ Becoming a change maker that creates a ripple effect of inspiration and impact at scale


Enquire here

I support an intimate circle of clients to ensure you receive my full energy and focus. If I believe we are an aligned match, you will receive an email with the next steps of our process. If you are truly ready to devote yourself to your self empowerment and transformation, then you are ready to apply!

What's Included

We’ll work together for 12 weeks to help you transform into the highest version of yourself, step into your power and gift that is YOU for the good of all.




★ PRE-CALL QUESTIONNAIRE to really dig deeper and remember everything about your business / idea


★ FREE DISCOVERY CALL (60 MINS) so I can find out all about you, your dreams and what you want to achieve!


★ 12 WEEKS OF FULLY GUIDED SUPPORT, UNLIMITED 1:1 VOXER SUPPORT AND EMAIL ACCESS throughout the week (like WhatsApp voice) when you need to ask questions, find solutions, come up with new ideas, etc.




★ 12 WEEKLY HIGH-VIBE COACHING SESSIONS via ZOOM to clarify your goals, boost your confidence and create action plans to take them forward, as well as to unblock, realign and clear your energy (1 call per week)






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Hi, I'm Sylvana

Business Founder & CEO ~ Women’s Empowerment Coach ~ Crystal Healing Expert ~ Holistic Wellness Guide ~ CEO Mystic


A few years ago I decided to leave everything that I know and start from zero, all by myself. I have left France for Ireland and ended up launching my successful and profitable business which I have been running with my amazing Team for the last several years: Jewels & Gems. Building my business as changed my life, it has transformed me. It has allowed me to support thousands of women in their quest for inner-peace, self-love and inner-power. This journey has made me deeply passionate about holistic wellness, spirituality, business and self-development. Today I live my life in absolute freedom and independence thanks to my passion and my business.


My mission is to create abundance, fulfillment and deep love in my life while also inspiring women to do the same in their own lives and businesses. I enjoy assisting women in transforming their fears into empowerment, as well as tapping into their inner selves and realizing their full potential. I believe that we all have the ability to make life-changing transformation happen for ourselves, others, but also for the collective.

This 1:1 Coaching Program is for you if

★ The thought of a regular job/life where you are being told what to do is not aligned with your deepest desire and Soul purpose. You are ready to launch your conscious business, lead in your own rhythm and live life on your own terms.


★ Your dream business is a by-product of your desire, ease, self-belief and inner-power and you need support to bring it to light, combining the spiritual with the pragmatic strategy.


★ You have already launched your business but you currently feel stuck. You tried some of the masculine strategies but they were exhausting and something didn’t feel quite right, you know there IS a different way. 


★ You are ready to go beyond the imposter syndrome, find your flow and work in a way that makes your soul happy.


★ You are a healer, lightworker, mystic, spiritual or creative entrepreneur who wants to share your magic with the rest of the world through your offerings and / or products.


★ You want to understand and apply the deeper energetics of a spiritual-led business and you need guidance.

Let's do this together!

Are you ready to stop settling & start creating a life that you’re proud of?


YES to yourself
YES to feeling your best
YES to your next level


Right now, I’m calling in the people who are ready to step into the next level version of themselves to join me in my 1:1 Coaching Program. This program was built on over years of trial and error, expensive mistakes, countless hours of coaching and mentoring my clients, my own inner work, and the magical results I’ve had working 1:1 with others. As this is a very intimate container, limited spaces are available.

My Method


Examine your shadow, blocks, and self-sabotaging beliefs. Make peace with your past, master the art of self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness. Face the particular challenges you're experiencing as a whole or with something more specific like career, family, trust, finances, or love and relationships.


Explore resources like Astrology or Human Design, and uncover your natural gifts, talents, and strengths. Learn how to apply spirituality and mysticism to your daily life. Create and connect to your personal and professional desires.


Learn how to use practical resources to begin living as your most aligned self. Practices and rituals to help you cultivate inner-power. Use spirituality and manifestation for self-empowerment. Consistent practice to keep you inspired, intentional, and connected to yourself.

Ready? Enquire here

I work with an intimate circle of clients to ensure you receive my full energy and focus. If I believe we are an aligned match, you will receive an email with the next steps. If you are truly ready to devote yourself to your empowerment and transformation, then you are ready to apply!